Kansas veterans are speaking out in the wake of the national Veteran's Administration medical scandal.

"I don't want to attack the VA.  They do a lot of good things for me as well, but just the health care aspect of things is really poor," a local veteran says.  He doesn't want his identity revealed for fear of retribution from the federal government.

This Wichita man was discharged from the Navy three years ago.  He says he was initially satisfied with the care he received at Robert J. Dole VA Medical Center.  But he says it has steadily declined.

"Just a few weeks ago I called up because my ear was bleeding, and they couldn't even schedule me an appointment for that.  They'll take down my information.  They'll have me talk to a nurse and tell them my symptoms, and then they say we'll call you back to schedule an appointment.  I will just wait by my phone for the next two or three days, and they'll never call me back."

Meanwhile, a Gulf War veteran who also wants his identity concealed, has similar stories.

"It's time for me to step up and say something," he says.

This man says his knee injury was misdiagnosed for 20 years.  Finally, he had knee replacement surgery in January.

He also says bedside manner is lacking.

"The nurses up there treated me like they were doing me a favor.  I was like, 'Why the attitude?  I've already done my time.  I'm the reason you have a job."

We wanted to hear what the VA had to say about these allegations.  The Dole VA Center director did not return our calls.