The Sedgwick County Jail will only offer video visitations with inmates starting Monday. But for the first time, families will be able to do those visits from the comfort of their own home.

Twelve computer kiosks are in the lobby for family and friends to use, 58 others are spread out inside the jail for the inmates.

Families don't have to go to the jail for a visit anymore, they can sign up for the new system on-line and use it at home for a cost.

"Five dollars for 40 minutes at home," said Sedgwick County Jail Major Glenn Kurtz. "In the lobby it is free, they get three 20 minute visits in the lobby for free each week."

Costs are expected to go up over time.

All video visitations will be recorded and monitored to make sure nothing inappropriate happens. Plus, visits have to be set up 24 hours in advance.

Jail deputies feel the new system will give inmates more options to interact with the outside.

"Invite your person in custody to family dinner or to that birthday party or any kind of a celebration," Kurtz said.

The new system did not cost tax payers a dime, the vendor paid for all the equipment and installation.

The county does get a 20-percent commission for all video visitation sales.

Inmates will still be allowed face-to-face visits with their attorneys or clergy member.