The man arrested in Tuesday's triple murder should be in court Friday. Investigators presented their case against Vinh Nguyen to the Sedgwick County District Attorney Thursday.

This has been a violent week in Wichita, with four murders and two others injured by gunfire.

One man was shot to death in a car and another man hit in the chest during a house party Saturday morning on South Cypress.

Three days later, three people were gunned down inside a on South Beech. Police say domestic violence was to blame.

Then early Thursday morning on East Funston, a man was shot in the shoulder after he answered a knock at his door.

So far in 2014 there have been 69 cases of assault/battery involving a gun. Last year there was a total of 157 cases.

Homicide numbers are up this year, with 14 cases so far compared to 17 cases in all of 2013.

But investigators are closing more cases this year. Officers have made 12 arrests so far out of the 14 homicide cases in 2014. There were 13 arrests in the 17 homicide cases last year. You can see the complete list of Wichita crime statistics here.

"Year in and year out we typically exceed the clearance rate based on the national average, we are usually in the upper 70s, 80s and sometimes 90 percent," said Wichita Police Captain Troy Livingston.

Livingston says the command staff meets every month to go over the crime stats in all areas.

"It really helps you analyze and establish the M.O. or modus operandi to see how criminals are attacking different areas of the city whether it's larcenies, burglaries, vandalisms," Livingston said. "We also apply that to violent crimes as well."

Plus the department is looking to upgrade its system to help fight crime before it happens

"We really want our crime data to be more real time, and we want to be able have the officers look at that data, drill down and even maybe predict where it might come from," Livingston said. "It is not an exact science, but other departments have had success with predictive analytics."

Police know the public can be helpful in fighting crime, that's why the department shares new statistics every month to show where crimes are happening.