A warning from the Sedgwick County District Attorney to watch your mail box. He says criminals are coming after your letters hoping to cash in, by stealing your identity.

District Attorney Marc Bennett says Wichita police have had 134 cases of mail theft since January. 60 of those have happened in the last 3 months.

Bennett says criminals are after credit card applications, bank statements and checks, especially government checks that are mailed out at the end of the month.

When crooks get that personal information, they can use it to set up new accounts under your name and run up expensive bills.

Often times, the crime happens during the day when people are at work. That's why Bennett encourages you to keep a watchful eye in your neighborhood for anything suspicious.

"If you do see somebody, especially someone walking by and taking a look at a mail box, make that call. Call the cops, they can't make a case if they don't know about it," Bennett added.

The best ways to avoid this crime are to get the mail out of the mail box as soon as it's delivered, don't let it sit out there for a long time. You can also buy a lock for your mail box or set up a P.O. Box at your nearest post office. Those boxes are always locked up and secure.