Water service has returned to at least 50 businesses along West street, after a water main break Saturday afternoon.

City crews patched the hole in the 12 inch line, but found a second leak shortly after the first leak was fixed. That slowed down the return to service.

Business owners say they lost money during one of their busiest days of the week.

"It is just a shame, we lost about $2,000 in sales," said Mooyah's Owner Anthony Powell. "Friday, Saturday and Sunday we do probably 65 to 70 percent of our business, we really count on the weekends to bring a lot of money in."

Deputy Director of Wichita Public Works, Joe Pajor said another city crew will be out on Monday to evaluate the damage to the street around the main.

Based on the nature of the split, Pajor said, the pipe most likely burst because of the age of the pipe in conjunction with Saturday's high heat.

"In the hottest parts of the summer and the coldest parts of the winter, there is a tendency for the soil to behave differently than the pipe material does," Pajor said. "So in when we have extreme temperatures we do see an increase in the number of breaks."


Dozens of businesses were left without water for part of the day Saturday after a water main break forced city crews to turn off the supply.

It happened shortly after noon when a 12-inch water main on West Street sprung a leak. Streets flowed with water for a couple of hours while crews tried to fix the problem.

Joe Pajor, Deputy Director of Wichita Public Works and Utilities says they were able to identify the location of the leak and quickly turn off valves to shut off the flow of water.

"It was a 4-valve shut off, so they had to go out and locate those four valves," Pajor said. "At this point as soon as the emergency locates are done for the other utilities, we can open it up and see what we have."

About 50 businesses were affected by the water shut down from Maple to near Kellogg.  The water main break also affected the roadway condition. Pajor says crews will work to fix the leak first, then determine what needs to be done to repair the pavement.

People who wanted to visit any nearby restaurants had to change their plans Saturday. Carl Fry and his wife wanted to go to Red Lobster for dinner but were turned away.

"They said, 'we're sorry, the water's off' and I basically said, 'you can't have fish without water come on,'" Fry said.

Fry and his wife had to change plans.

"We were looking forward to it. Been to a car show today so we were all hot and tired," Fry said. "So we were going to come over and have a nice evening and we're a little disappointed. I guess we'll drive to the east side of town."

Jamie Naquin said she had to change plans too. She was excited for a date night she doesn't get often.

"I'm really bummed out because I got a gift card for my birthday and I really wanted to use it tonight," Naquin said. "It's our date night and we don't get out too often."