If you use water from the City of Wichita get ready to get a higher bill in 2014. Rates are going up again for the 16th year in a row and more increases are coming.

Under Wichita's plan rates will keep going up each year until 2022.

City leaders think this is a better way of doing things because it gives users advance notice about increases, something they didn't do before. Plus this system avoids double digit hikes.

On Tuesday crews were fixing a broken water line near 17th and Yale. It can be a costly process, that's one reason why the city of wichita is raising rates again.

"We have a lot of water and sewer mains that are old and aging and need some rehabilitation," said Ben Nelson with the City of Wichita.

Before the city used to postpone certain maintenance projects to save money, but it was not cost effective.

"That can end up costing more the longer it gets put off," Nelson sid. "So the better investment that we can make now will pay dividends in the future."

"Everything is going up, so why make a fuss about water which we need more than anything," said Wichita Homeowner Vivien Minshull-Ford.

Minshull-Ford doesn't mind paying more because she knows water is a limited commodity. Plus she plans to conserve to keep her monthly bill down.

"There are all sorts of ways you have to make it work, and I'm prepared to do my bit," Minshull-Ford said.

Wichita homeowners should expect to see an increase of between $1-5 each month. The average business will pay less than $30 more every month.

The new rates will take effect January first.