Severe weather coverage always leads to lots of feedback and Sunday night’s storms were no different.

Eyewitness News received emails both criticizing and praising our coverage.

“It's just not necessary to repeat everything 3 times, if people don't know how to take cover then it's their own fault. Plus I don't care about the forecast during a program I want to see. So frustrating!!!!” says one viewer e-mail.

We try not to break in over programming, but Sunday night is an example of when we don’t have a choice.

There were multiple times when we had confirmed tornadoes, not just radar indicated, but trained weather spotters confirming rotation or tornadoes on the ground threatening populated areas.

“If we break in to programming it’s a life threatening situation.  Again...because it was Great Bend and McPherson…these are heavily populated areas and that’s why we made the decision to break in,” says meteorologist Ross Janssen.

We were forced to cover the end of “The Mentalist” but CBS will not allow us to re-air the episode, but you can watch the episode at

Response from a viewer:

I saw your story last night about how people were angry with you for interrupting programming on Sunday evening because of the tornadoes and severe weather in the area.  As someone who frequently relies on KWCH for severe weather coverage, and who was in the path of the tornado Sunday (I live in Sterling), let me say that I very much appreciate your dedication to keeping Kansans safe.  I'm sure there are many others like me who tune in, take shelter when needed, and then life goes on and we forget to say thanks.  In light of the negative feedback you got, I just wanted to say thank you for covering severe weather and keeping us safe.  If even one life is saved because people have more warning about severe weather, then it is totally worth the tiny inconvenience of having to go online to watch the regularly scheduled programs.  Thanks for all you do!

Melissa V.