Wichita police say a man is in jail on three counts of Attempted First Degree Murder after a woman, her teenage son and her 5-year old boy were shot Monday night.

"I would say it is safe to say that he targeted each one," said Wichita Police Lieutenant Randy Reynolds. "The 13 year old was shot in the head, and he is in very good condition. The 5 year old was shot near the left eye and he is also, by the grace of God, in very stable condition."

Police say the woman's husband (and the father of the boys) Pettix McMillan was arrested in a wooded area near Central and Maize two hours after the shooting. Investigators say he had cuts to his wrists in an apparent suicide attempt.

Police say McMillan had been arrested three times since January on domestic issues. 

The shooting happened at around 9:00 in the 300 block of N. Parkdale in West Wichita. Residents living nearby said the neighborhood is usually a quiet one, which is why Monday night's incident left several of them feeling uneasy.

"It's pretty disturbing you know, for anyone, but especially for a little tike like that," said Jim Steele who lives next door to where the shooting happened.

"I think my awareness condition just went up to the next level so it's going to be a little bit more on edge after something like this happens," added Randy Smith who also lives in the area. "So we'll just be more vigilant than we usually are."

All three victims are expected to survive.

Police say the filed a protection order against her husband in January, but did not complete the process.

McMillan is expected to make his first appearance in court later this week.