Questions are circulating over whether the Textron layoffs could affect government incentives that Beechcraft has been receiving.

In 2010, then Hawker Beechcraft entered a 10-year agreement totaling $45 million with the state of Kansas, Sedgwick County and the city of Wichita. It was designed to keep the company in Wichita, after an offer to move out of state.

Alan Bell, director of urban development for the city of Wichita, said the state agreed to pay the Hawker Beechcraft $8 million dollars over five years if the company maintained employment at 4,000 in Kansas. But during a time of "severe hardship" that number can fall to 3,600 before the company is penalized.

The county and city agreed to pay $1 million annually for the company to maintain the same number of employees.

In 2012 and 2013, employment at Beechcraft dropped below 3,600 and the company began received reduced payments.

Alan believes the city and county paid out $800,000 each both years.

If employment continues to dwindle at Beechcraft, starting in year six, the company will have to pay back a percentage of the money to the state, county and city.

That percentage would be based on the number of employees. Beechcraft employed about 3,300 before the layoffs were announced.