There was no snow on the ground as administrators at Wichita Public Schools called off class. It's a rare move, but officials say they'd rather be safe than sorry.

"We try to do what's best for students, staff and parents," said Darren Muci with Wichita Public School.

With 6 to 8 inches of snow set to fall over much of Kansas Tuesday, many districts decided to keep kids at home.  Maize officials also cancelled school, superintendent Doug Powers says he'd rather be safe than sorry.

"You see a situation like Atlanta, we're obviously better prepared than them. But still, we don't want 7,000 kids sleeping in our gym," Powers said.

But just because schools have made their decision about Tuesday doesn't mean they're done yet.

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With more winter weather is on the way and officials promise to keep an eye on the forecast.

"We're watching the forecast and looking at what events we have going on. It's an ongoing process we'll be watching out for," Muci said.