A Wichita mother is trying to get her daughter's home back in order after it was burglarized last week while she was serving overseas.

"My daughter is gone, deployed, fighting for the freedom of our country and somebody who doesn't care, has no regard, broke into her house knowing full well that she was in the military," said Wendy Coley, mother.

Leiren Andra will return from deployment next week. When she gets home, she won't have a many of her possessions, including, a T.V., her tools, or Air Force coins, because all of it was stolen.

But her mom hopes telling the story may get some of those items back.

"They went into her bathroom and took everything, all of her products, her perfumes, her hand lotions," Coley said.

Plus who ever did the crime filled up Andra's car with the stolen items and took that, too. Police later located the 2012 Suzuki Kizashi Monday night.

"She is a single mother, she works very hard and she wants a safe place to raise her babies," Coley said.

Coley knows her daughter's peace of mind is broken because of the break-in. But her home will be more secure by the time Andra returns from deployment next week.

"They have ordered a security system for her, the window has already been replaced, the garage door opener has been reprogrammed," Coley added.

What she can't fix or replace is Andra's collection Air Force coins.

"Everyone of her Air Force coins were missing except for two, that they had dropped on the way out and I was furious," Coley said. "She had worked so hard to earn every one of those coins."

Andra does have car insurance and renters insurance, but since she is still deployed the process has been slow. Andra is trying to tie up loose ends over the phone.

Anyone with information in the crime is asked to call police.