At Wichita’s first City Council meeting of 2014, members were met with criticism over their recent decision to allowed concealed carry permit holders inside more public buildings.

Katie Mitchell Koch often takes her two children to the library. She is worried about the council’s recent decision to open up all Wichita branches and other public buildings to concealed carry license holders.

“I want fewer guns in my children’s world,” she told the council, “and that is why I am here. … More guns don’t make us safer, and weapons don’t belong in libraries.”

Lois Harder, the co-pastor of a Wichita Mennonite church, also spoke out about the recent decision.

“It seems to me that fear is strong motivator for people these days,” she said, “but fear is not a solid grounding to base good decisions. Having more people with guns in public buildings do not make us safer.”

The council asked the women no questions, and have no plans to reconsider their decision. It voted on the concealed carry changed on Dec. 10, and they went into effect Jan. 1.