It is going to cost a little more to be out on the putting green. Prices increased at three Wichita golf courses.

Golfers will now have to pay an additional dollar when golfing at Tex Consolver, MacDonald and Sim Park golf courses. Some cart fees also went up.

The Wichita City Council approved the $1 green fee increase as a way to keep up with rising costs Tuesday.

"Everybody understands that each year the cost of doing business does go up, you know, utility bills, gasoline, fertilization, things along those lines," said Doug Kupper, Wichita Parks and Recreation. "Even though we looked as how we can do business better, it still costs a little more money, and I think golfers understand that."

Years ago, the city considered closing courses because of these rising costs. When local golfers spoke out, the city council made the decision to keep the city courses open by raising some of the fees.