Should Wichita spend millions of dollars to attract more jobs to town, improve public transportation or fix up city streets? And are you willing to pay more in sales tax to have those things? Those are the questions city council members will tackle Tuesday in a special meeting.

Items on the list also include funding a new source of water, improving attractions like Century II or Lawrence Dumont stadium and generating $90 million for a jobs fund to attract new businesses to town.

When we asked people on the street, a new water source and street improvements topped their lists. But things like Century II and Lawrence Dumont were not as high of a priority.

"Never really been to Lawrence Dumont," said Wichitan Taylor Snow.

"We need to make sure our water is clean and safe, we need to make sure people have the money to pay for that water, and public transportation to get to the job to pay for water," said Wichitan Jazmine Talavera.

But city council members know it may need a sales tax initiative to pay for these priorities, because there isn't enough money in the general fund. On that question, answers were mixed.

"Sales tax is an easy one, you pay just a tiny bit at a time," said one man in Old Town.

"I wouldn't vote for it, no one wants taxes", said another.

Council members have talked about a sales tax initiative, but have not decided any specifics yet. They will have to decide soon in order to put the question on the November ballot.