By Saturday morning, you wouldn't have guessed that a number of roads around Wichita were completely submerged in water just hours earlier.

Friday nights heavy down pour left several streets closed to traffic, a number of drivers stranded in high water and even kept some folks from leaving their homes until the water receded.

Dispatch reports Pawnee between Meridian and Seneca as well as Meridian between McCormick and Orient were both closed for several hours until the water could be drained off.

Hettie Neel has lived in her home just off Pawnee near Meridian for about 40 years. She said Friday night's flooding is nothing new to her.

"It's been flooding here since we've been here," said Neel. "Sometimes you can't get even get your car in and if it's flooding and I'm not home, I just wait it out."

Heel said she's learned to say put if she can't get in or out of her home, but that's not the case for everyone. She said it's not uncommon for five or six cars to get stalled out in the road just outside her home when it rains a lot.

Wichita Dispatch reported a number of drivers stalled out Friday night in the intersection of 17th and Mosley.

Wichita police advise all drivers to avoid driving through water-covered roads, even if you think it's only a few inches deep.

"It can be very deceptive as to how deep it is," said Sgt. John Hoofer with WPD. "It doesn't take a lot of water anymore to drown out a car."

But if you do find yourself stalled out on a flooded road, the best thing to do is get safely away from your car and call someone to have it towed away.

"Call for someone to remove it because what's going to happen is it's going to block the road and then you're going to get other people stalled in the same puddle and it's just going to make it worse and worse and worse," said Sgt. Hoofer.