If you plan to sell or set off illegal fireworks this holiday, be aware the fire department is watching.

"Illegal fireworks are illegal for a reason," said Brad Crisp, Fire Marshal.

From firefighters patrolling the streets, and undercover police officers setting up illegal buys, crews will be out in force this weekend looking for illegal fireworks.

Every fireworks stand in the city has been inspected by the Wichita fire department, which is how it gets a license to operate. That means it meets all the safety requirements and it's not selling any illegal fireworks.

Surfing the web has become a tool for Wichita firefighters looking for people selling illegal fire works during the holiday.

"More recently they have been using social media to advertise, 'hey I am selling fireworks and if you want to get the good stuff call me,'" Crisp said.

Crisp plans to work with an undercover police officer this weekend to track those sellers down.

"It is almost like a drug deal, except it is with fireworks," Crisp said. "We go in, issue citations, we will confiscate the illegal fireworks, and let them have their day in court."

The best way to know if what you buy is legal is to look on the back of the firework.

"There is usually a picture on the back side, and it shows you how high or what the product is involved with," said Firework Stand Operator Manuel Miranda. "You are not supposed to have anything that goes higher than six feet and is really loud."

Miranda knows everything being sold at his stand near Kellogg and Webb is legal to shoot off in Wichita, but you don't have to drive far to buy fireworks that aren't legal inside the city.

Just beware, firefighters will be patrolling the streets as well to help cut down on illegal activity.

Anyone caught shooting off or selling illegal fireworks can face up to one year in jail and a $2,500 fine.