Crews in Montana are still working to remove the last of three fuselages that fell into a river last week.

Those fuselages were on a train that derailed in Western Montana on Thursday.

One Wichita native saw the mess first-hand. Tom Attwater is a river guide along that stretch of the Clark Fork River.

Tom Attwater

Tom Attwater

He grew up in Wichita, graduated from Kapaun and was an Eagle Scout. 

He was one of the first people on the scene after the derailment. He says it looked like something you'd see in a movie.

Attwater told us over the phone that he had no idea the plane parts came from Wichita.

"It's pretty bizarre to think that those started in my hometown and of all the places and thousands of miles that they travel from Wichita all the way to Washington," Attwater said, "that they fell out on the river that I'm guiding on. So, it's pretty bizarre."

Attwater says he's given a few tours each day since the wreck.  He says once tourists see it, it's hard to get them to keep paddling because they are awestruck.

Crews pulled the first of the airplane bodies out of the water Sunday. It took crews around 12 hours to remove the 20-ton fuselage.

Officials say the fuselages appear undamaged.

Boeing and Spirit are investigating the incident.

Photos: Tom Attwater shows off damage

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Courtesy: Tom Attwater

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