Each day, we comb through pages upon pages of crime reports from the Wichita Police Department.  Below is a quick glance at some bits and pieces from those sheets. 

These reports are designed to give you an idea of what residents and police are dealing with around town.

You can read all of the sheets by going here: WPD Media Reports (click on the "Media Reports" tab)

12:30 am
A 41/f reports someone visiting her son in the 2400 block of S. St. Clair. Both were smoking a synthetic substance called K2. A short time later, the visitor started having a seizure. He was taken to the hospital for treatment. The boy’s parent is out of state and police weren’t able to make contact so the boy was taken into police protective custody.

Air rifle…
7:58 am
A 57/f in the 1300 block of S. Terrace says her neighbor’s children are shooting a “very large” air rifle after their parents go to work. She says this is an ongoing problem and she would like it to stop. She’s pretty sure one of the bullets hit her house last night, but she didn’t know if there was any damage. She thinks the boys are shooting at neighborhood cats.

Shot up…
8:00 am
A 38/f says someone fired several shots at her house in the 2700 block of N. Madison. Three people were inside at the, but no one was hurt. Police found seven bullet holes in the house. Police conducted a neighborhood search, but turned up nothing.

Hey! What’re you doing!
9:21 am
A 53/m says he saw two people walking down the street in the 600 block of N. Erie at 4 o’clock in the morning. The two had a flashlight and were looking into all of the cars which were parked along the street. He confronted the men and asked what they were doing. They cursed at him. He told them that they had “been seen” if they were thinking about breaking into any of the cars. He says the two were not out there when he left for work later that morning.

Robbed while out of town…
10:25 am
A 50/m says someone broke into his neighbor’s house in the 400 block of S. Leonine. He says the intruders forced their way through a rear door and stole some property. The people who live there are out of town, but he was able to get a hold of them. Police found a latex glove near the front door.

Welcome home…
11:03 am
A 39/m came home from vacation and found his 2004 Chrysler Sebring missing from outside his home in the 1900 block of W. 27th S. He says the car will have a broken window because there was glass on the ground where it was parked. He says he only has one key - which is still in his possession.

Inside job…
1:25 pm
A 42/m reports an employee who was recently terminated from a business in the 1200 block of S. Rock Road was making money orders and stealing them for himself. The incident is on video. He says the employee was fired for processing Green Dot Prepaid Debit Cards over the phone after being told not to do so. The manager wasn’t sure if this was connected with the money order situation or not.

At least she’s getting free clothes now…
2:50 pm
A 35/m reports a woman coming into the store in the 2000 block of N. Rock (along with another person), going to the men’s clothing section and taking several shirts from the rack. She removed the hangers and put the shirts in her purse and walked out. Police found her outside and arrested her. She had two prior shoplifting convictions. The report does not state whether the person who was with her was arrested.

Cup of pee?
4:39 pm
A 50/f reports someone leaving a half-full cup of what appeared to be urine on her porch in the 600 block of S. Bluff. She has no idea who left it.

Didn’t even stay for (or pay for) the meal...
5:46 pm
A 58/m reports two people coming into his restaurant in the 3100 block of S. Seneca. They ordered wine and food. After drinking the wine, they left without paying. A customer was able to get the tag number.

You coulda just knocked…
7:44 pm
A 40/f says her upstairs neighbor in the 3500 block of N. Inwood threw a set of car keys, which landed on her balcony. Instead of knocking and asking for the keys, the neighbors climbed up to her balcony and retrieved them. She says she’s had issues with these neighbors in the past and she’s worried this will lead to a method of them breaking into her home and stealing things.