Each day, we comb through pages upon pages of crime reports from the Wichita Police Department.  Below is a quick glance at some bits and pieces from those sheets. 

These reports are designed to give you an idea of what residents and police are dealing with around town.

You can read all of the sheets by going here: WPD Media Reports (click on the "Media Reports" tab)

That’s just nuts…
9:01 am
A 74/m says someone stole the lug nuts from the passenger side rear wheel of his car in the 2700 block of N. Amidon. He has no idea who did it.

Drilled out…
9:15 am
A 47/m reports someone drilling out the driver’s side door lock of his Dodge Dakota, which was parked in the 3500 block of N. Ohio. He wasn’t sure if anything was missing from the truck.

Missing Sign…
9:20 am
A 46/m says someone stole his business sign from in front of the business in the 2300 block of S. Meridian. He has an idea of who it may have been. The loss is listed at more than $1,000.

Doesn’t take long…
9:26 am
A 43/f says she lost her wallet in the 4700 block of E. 13th N. She says her debit card has since been used at a gas station without her permission.

AC Stolen…
10:25 am
A 54/m reports being told by the pastor of a church in the 2700 block of S. Laura that the A/C unit was making a lot of noise. He checked it out and found that the high pressure lines used for the freon in two of the units had been cut. He thinks it was an attempt to steal the units. There are three other units on the property which were not tampered with.

Knife to a 2x4 fight…
11:20 am
A 51/m says a man lunged at him with a knife during a dispute over money. He says he defended himself by swinging a 2x4 at the man. He doesn’t want to press charges. Neither man was hurt enough to require medical attention.

Shoplifters attack…
5:58 pm
A 23/m reports two people stealing property from a business in the 7700 block of E. Kellogg. Two people (unknown if these are customers or employees) helped stop them as they were leaving the store, but a physical altercation ensued and two were battered as the thieves got into their car. A total of six people hit the two until they were able to get away and drive off. They were able to recover some of the property. Neither was seriously hurt.

Left behind…
7:29 pm
A 29/f says she left her purse in a cart at a store in the 9800 block of E. Harry by mistake. When she realized it, she went back to get it - but it was gone. She thinks the store has surveillance of the theft.

10:15 pm
A 27/f says she saw someone looking through her windows at her home in the 2100 block of S. Dellrose. She went outside with her husband and found a man standing in the backyard with a shovel (which was stolen from their garage). He used the shovel to shatter a porch light. He grabbed her as he ran away, tearing her shirt and causing scratches on her back. The man took off and police have not found him.

Kitten feud…
10:23 pm
A 41/f says she was having a dispute with someone over some kittens. During the argument, the person threatened to call police and burn her house down. She’s afraid he will come over and carry out his threat. She says the guy is upset because she took some kittens from his house while he was gone. She says she had permission from someone else to take the kittens.

Baby boy in protective custody...
9:50 am
A four-month-old boy was brought to the ER at St. Francis with bleeding on the brain and bruises to his body. The child was taken into the Intensive Care Unit and placed in Police Protective Custody. Two people were arrested (it’s not clear from the report how those two people are related to the child).

Towel with glass tubing…
11:37 am
A 34/f says she found a towel with some glass tubing in the 1800 block of S. Seneca. The items were submitted as found property to police.

Changing his tune…
6:20 pm
An 83/f says a man came to her home and wanted money for removing raccoons from her home. She says she gave the man an antique mower for payment because she doesn’t have much money. She says he originally told her he does it out of the kindness of his heart. Later, the man said he wanted her van as payment for his service. She says the guy wanted the van for his daughter. It all seemed a little fishy.

7:17 pm
A 25/f reports someone spitting off of a balcony at an apartment in the 2100 block of N. Meridian. She was hit. It was gross.

2:50 am
A 42/f reports finding a vehicle belonging to someone crashed into a tree in the 400 block of N. Jackson Heights. The driver was taken by friends to the hospital where he was treated for various injuries. The vehicle was impounded for the Accident Followup Team. Police believe the driver was drunk at the time of the crash. Police could not find evidence that anyone else was in the car at the time of the crash.

Stolen Steel…
5:35 am
A 57/m reports seeing two people loading a large steel beam into their car in the 1800 block of N. Burns. He confronted them and they put the beam on the ground and left.

You can’t sleep here…
5:35 am
A 33/m reports seeing a man sleeping in the parking lot of a business in the 400 block of W. Waterman. He says the guy refused to leave when confronted. Police talked with him and he left without incident.