Each day, we comb through pages upon pages of crime reports from the Wichita Police Department.  Below is a quick glance at some bits and pieces from those sheets. 

These reports are designed to give you an idea of what residents and police are dealing with around town.

You can read all of the sheets by going here: WPD Media Reports (click on the "Media Reports" tab)

2:48 am
A 48/m says someone ripped the pocket of his pants while stealing some of his property. Police say pieces of his pants were found in the thief’s pocket. That person was arrested for robbery.

Sugar in the tank…
11:25 am
A 38/m reports finding sugar in the gas tank of his car (the gas cap was stolen, too). He’s pretty sure it was his ex.

Fuel line cut...
12:08 pm
A 42/m reports someone cutting the gas lines to his car in the 1700 block of N. Sabin.

Loose lugnuts…
3:37 pm
A 48/f says someone loosened the lug nuts on her car without her knowledge. She had to replace some of them after driving on it.

Not gonna fight…
1:38 am
A 25/m says a man was at his home in the 3400 block of S. All Hallows when he tried to pick a fight with three people. He says the man shoved people trying to provoke them. When he realized that they weren’t going to fight him, he damaged one of their cars. Police showed up and the guy tried to run and ignored orders to stop. He was arrested (after resistance) on several charges.

Beaten up...
2:55 pm
A 27/m reports finding a man who was beaten up in the 5200 block of S. Meridian. This happened during a large disturbance at the South Lakes Softball Field parking lot. The man says someone approached him after a game and punched in the face at least twice. Police didn’t find the attacker. The man was treated for several injuries, including a broken facial bone.

Beer bottle…
11:26 pm
A 30/m says he was hit over the head with a beer bottle causing a noticeable gash on his forehead in the 200 block of N. Washington. Another person was hit by the same attacker’s car. Police are looking for the man so they can arrest him.

You try to help someone…
6:29 pm
A 59/m says he was approached by someone in the parking lot of a business in the 11400 block of E. Kellogg. The guy asked for help with his flat tire and asked for money. He said he’d pay him back double. He agreed and took him to a location where he wanted to go. the guy got out of the car with his money and never returned.

It’s the quiet ones...
7:03 pm
A 24/m says his neighbor threatened to burn his own house down. He then told him that if he told anyone else, he would shoot him. He thinks the neighbor was under the influence of something as he has been a good neighbor in the past.

Anti-gay sign...
11:56 pm
A 41/m reports his neighbor putting an “anti-gay” sign in her yard which is derogatory against him. She says someone else also noticed the sign. Police have responded to the issue in the past few weeks, but it is ongoing.

Raining bullets?
1:14 am
A woman says she was home with her three children in the 2200 block of S. Anna when they heard a “clink” and found a bullet on the floor of the living room that had come through the roof. No one heard the gunshot.

Who uses a phone book?
10:08 am
A 52/m who works for a business in the 300 block of N. Hillside says an employee put some money in a phone book, in an apparent attempt to embezzle funds from the business. Someone came into the business to get a loan. When they were not able to provide enough information to get the loan, they asked to use the phone book. The employee gave them the phone book with the cash in it. The cash is now missing and she says she does not have it. The employee was fired and the business is willing to press charges.

Co-worker cut…
11:51 am
A 49/m says he got into an argument with a co-worker in the 200 block of N. Joann. That co-worker then cut him on the left side of the face with a 9-inch kitchen knife. His injury was minor. Police found the guy and arrested him.

Jug band...
6:48 pm
A 34/f says someone threw a jug at her and someone else while they were in a car in the 1600 block of W. University. Police found the guy. He admitted to throwing the jug and wanting to fight. He was arrested.

When shoplifters attack...
12:22 pm
An 18/m says someone came into the store where he works in the 6200 block of E. 13th N. and took merchandise. When confronted, the shoplifter punched the employee in the face - causing him to lose consciousness briefly, then punched him a second time as he was falling. The shoplifter took off with someone else in a car. The employee was taken to the hospital for stitches. Police have not found the shoplifter.

Pellet gun attack…
2:47 pm
A woman reports her 9-year-old son was shot with a pellet gun by two people (the report does not state whether the shooters were adults or children, but it is implied that they are all juveniles) in the 400 block of S. Osage. She says the boy was struck in the neck and butt. He only had minor injuries. Mom filed the report, but opted not to press charges.

4:41 pm
A 27/m says his neighbor is throwing dog feces into his backyard in the 1200 block of W. 27th N. He says he has ongoing issues with this particular neighbor.