Each day, we comb through pages upon pages of crime reports from the Wichita Police Department.  Below is a quick glance at some bits and pieces from those sheets. 

These reports are designed to give you an idea of what residents and police are dealing with around town.

You can read all of the sheets by going here: WPD Media Reports (click on the "Media Reports" tab)

Gunshot into vehicle…
5:21 am
A 24/m says a gunshot was fired into his car in the 7100 block of W. Shade. An officer reports the man fired the shot himself. He was arrested for discharging a firearm in the city and damaging his vehicle.

Stolen lawn ornament…
7:46 am
A 55/f reports someone stole a spinning yard ornament from her backyard in the 1600 block of N. Porter. No idea who took it.

I’m out…
9:15 am
A 39/f says someone broke into her home in the 2100 block of E. Pine Bay while she was inside. The guy got in through the front door, possibly by using a passkey. He left once she confronted him. He was last seen westbound on foot wearing a tan-colored mid-length hooded coat with fur on the collar and white workout pants. He didn’t steal anything.

Beaten with a hammer…
9:30 am
A woman reports a 21/f with visible injuries knocked on the door and said her boyfriend beat her up with a hammer. She was taken to the hospital for treatment of minor injuries. The boyfriend left before police got there. The woman’s four-year-old son was in her house and also taken to the hospital. The report does not state whether the boy was hurt or if he was taken to the hospital because his mother was there. A felony warrant was issued for the man’s arrest.

Shots fired…
10:00 am
A 45/f reports two unknown men firing shots at her home in the 1700 block of N. Belmont while she and three others were inside. No one was hurt. At the same address, a woman reports five people coming into her home without her permission and displaying a long gun. They all left in separate vehicles. No one was hurt, though one vehicle was struck and damaged by gunfire.

Mail theft…
12:15 pm
A 30/f reports someone stealing mail from her mailbox. She says that mail included two checks for bills. She says someone is now using her account number to manufacture checks and cash them. Only one check has passed through the account so far. She has since closed the account and got a new account number.

Bad tenant…
12:32 pm
A 66/f reports a former tenant left her building in bad shape. Property was damaged or stolen from the building. She says the tenant refused to do a walkthrough with her and will not answer her calls.

Not scammed…
1:26 pm
A 36/m says he put a television on Craigslist. Someone responded and sent him a check for way over the amount of the TV. He asked the seller to mail him the difference. He then threatened him if he did not hear from him. The seller says he knew it was fraud and forwarded the information to police.

Dropped drugs…
2:50 pm
A 40/f reports finding a plastic baggie with “green botanical substance” on the floor of a school bus. No idea who it belongs to.

Child endangerment?
3:01 pm
A 48/m reports witnessing a four-year-old ingest drugs while in the care of two people (believed to be the parents) while they were at someone’s apartment. Police did not find the child or the parents. They spoke with the person who lives in the apartment and four others, all of them denied any children were in the apartment, or in the care of the two “parents.”

Red card…
6:21 pm
A 40/f says her daughter (whose age is not listed) took a ball to the face causing a hemorrhage to her right eye. The woman feels her daughter was intentionally hit and tripped several times by two other players (who were classmates of hers before she switched schools). Someone else pulled the girl aside before the game and warned her that some of the kids and the coach had been talking about “getting” her. After the game, there were messages on Twitter and text messages sent regarding how funny it was that she got hurt.

6:30 pm
An officer says he contacted a man during a welfare check in the 1600 block of N. Westridge. At that point, the man he was checking on became irate, took a fighting stance and challenged the officer to fight. While being searched, the man kicked another officer and tried to stop a third person. He was restrained in shackles and taken to jail on several charges.

7:22 pm
A 28/m says he was approached by someone as she was going into a business in the 6900 block of W. Kellogg. He says the man was aggressively asking her for money - saying he had seven children and no job. He told the grifter that his wife was in a different business and they would give him cash if he showed his financial card (not sure what that means). At that point, the man pointed out a car that he said was his. He turned to see the car and says the man was very close to him at that point. He thinks the guy picked his pocket because when he was ready to pay for his merchandise, his wallet was gone. The manager says someone matching the description approached him in the lot earlier in the week. The manager was going to check surveillance video to see if they have the incident on tape.

Turn it down!
8:59 pm
A 21/f reports her neighbor is blaring their music and disturbing her peace. She says this has been on ongoing problem and she wanted it documented.