Each day, we comb through pages upon pages of crime reports from the Wichita Police Department.  Below is a quick glance at some bits and pieces from those sheets. 

These reports are designed to give you an idea of what residents and police are dealing with around town.

You can read all of the sheets by going here: WPD Media Reports (click on the "Media Reports" tab)

The dog is fine…
12:48 am
A 42/m says he was headed west in the 1900 block of E. Central when he swerved to miss a stray dog in the street. He lost control and struck the south curb, then traveled through a fence into a private parking lot. He wasn’t hurt.

Stolen veggies…
8:37 am
A 41/m says someone stole his tomatoes, tomato plants and two cages from his garden in the 3600 block of E. 16th N. He’s pretty sure he knows who it is because the guy has been seen doing it in the past.

Copper theft…
8:50 am
A 30/f reports someone forcing their way through the rear window of a building in the 1200 block of N. Poplar. The intruder stole copper wire from the unfinished structure and damage the AC unit by swiping the copper and wire. Police found two prints from an interior window, but no they don’t know who is responsible for the break-in.

8:52 am
A 29/m says he found a man in his apartment in the 2700 block of S. Seneca with the door kicked in. He left before police got there, but they found him. He denied breaking into the home and the vandalism inside. Police didn’t buy it, though. He was arrested on several charges.

High and dry…
9:25 am
A 19/f says she received cash from someone to make a deposit on an apartment together. She went to a store to get a money order for the cash (she pitched in half, the other woman pitched in half). The other woman then backed out of the deal, went to the same store and was refunded the entire amount of the money order - without a receipt. She then took off for Oklahoma with all of the money. The woman who reported it says she’s now without a place to stay.

Heckuva throw…
10:30 am
A 21/m says he was throwing a Frisbee with friends at 11th N. and Oak. He threw a Frisbee and his ring came off his hand, now he can’t find it. It’s inscribed with his name, has the number “15”, his college crest and is antiqued gold in color.

10:35 am
A 24/f says she received a phone call from someone claiming that she won the Publishers Clearing House. She was instructed to get a Green Dot Card (presumably for some sort of fee). The person called her back, but she missed the call. She then called the number and gave them the Green Dot number. The person asked her for more money on a Green Dot Card to pay for a “Gold Stamp” to confirm she won the money and it was legitimate.

Step your game up…
10:42 am
A 29/f says a former business partner is threatening her and another person. The person said “Tell Robert to watch his back, I have something for him, step your game up.” He then got on his cell phone and told someone else that he has something “big” for him to do. She says this all started over leases on the property where she and the other person were business partners. She is in fear of her safety and for the safety of her children.

12:10 pm
A 20/f says someone left two children with her, but never came back to pick them up. Police were unable to get in contact with the parent The children (whose ages are not listed) were taken into protective custody.

Landlord means business…
1:02 pm
A 25/m says he is he is one week late on his rent payment. Now, his landlord changed the locks on his house and is holding all of his personal property and not letting him back in to get it. He also threatened to sell a handmade antique dresser. No eviction proceedings have been started. He wants his property back and has told the landlord that he’ll pay the rent in full when he gets paid on Friday.

4:18 pm
A 36/f says someone, possibly some young males on bicycles, using marker to “paint” on her garage doors, gutter and basketball goal in the 1700 block of N. Northeast.

Road rage…
4:57 pm
A 29/m says he was stopped at a stop sign at Waterman and Green when another driver stopped behind him and started honking and yelling out of his window that he was at a stop sign. The guy then got out of his car with a raised red metal car jack pole. The man says he was afraid he would be harmed or his vehicle damaged, so he called 911. Police found the car and the weapon. The man was arrested for driving on a suspended/revoked/canceled/fraudulent driver’s license.