Each day, we comb through pages upon pages of crime reports from the Wichita Police Department.  Below is a quick glance at some bits and pieces from those sheets. 

These reports are designed to give you an idea of what residents and police are dealing with around town.

You can read all of the sheets by going here: WPD Media Reports (click on the "Media Reports" tab)

Helping himself…
1:15 am
A 35/m who works for a business in the 6300 block of E. 21st N. says someone came into the store and stole several candy bars and a pack of cigarettes, then left. Another employee tried to lock the door, but was pushed out of the way, and the door was broken off its hinges.

Bricks in the wall...
8:54 am
A 40/m says he was notified by crew members that at least 20 retaining wall blocks had been broken near 13th and Bitting. An unknown number of bricks were thrown in the river. More than 100 blocks were moved to block a bike path.

11:30 am
A 37/f says two people came into a store in the 9400 block of E. Harry and took a hamburger without paying for it. They left in a maroon minivan.

Rude salesman…
12:37 pm
A 60/m says he saw someone going around his neighborhood near N. Rock and Champions trying to sell magazines. He had a woman in the passenger seat of the car with him. The caller says the salesman was getting belligerent with a homeowner and was asked to leave. The man then got into his car and almost ran the homeowner over. The caller says they’ve had problems in their area with solicitors with out-of-state tags. They’ve put up No Soliciting signs, but it hasn’t stopped the problem. He knows these people aren’t coming in from out of state to sell magazines and is concerned the sales may be linked to past burglaries in the area.

Burglars’ storage unit…
4:11 pm
A 65/f says she inspected a storage unit for non-payment in the 1900 block of S. Woodlawn. Inside, she found property belonging to a burglary victim. The two people who rented the unit are suspected in other burglaries. The business changed the locks and the access codes to prevent the burglars from coming back. The property was left in the storage facility for safe keeping.

Tax scam…
4:42 pm
A 56/f says she hired someone to complete her federal and state taxes. She gave the person her bank routing and account number so her refunds could be direct-deposited. She contacted the government tax agencies since she had not received her money and was told that her checks had already been sent and cashed. The agencies confirmed they were not deposited into her bank account.

4:53 pm
A 46/f says her daughter got off the bus near 15th and N. Charles and someone started following her in a truck. She says her daughter was walking in the street since there are no sidewalks and the driver pulled within two feet of her. She kept walking and he parked and watched her walk, then did a U-turn and took off as she got close to her home.

You’re not the boss of me…
5:14 pm
A 62/f says her friend came over to her home in the 4900 block of E. Lincoln and telling her how to run her life. There were no threats, but she felt bothered by this conduct.

Baggage claim…
6:54 pm
A 51/m says he sent a suitcase with personal paperwork, clothing and gifts along with his niece, who was traveling by bus from Wichita to California. While in Salina, the bag was mistakenly transferred to another bus headed for Ohio. He says he called the bus company, but they hung up on him. He wanted to file a police report in hopes it would help him recover his property.

Magazine sales…
8:02 pm
A 26/f says someone was soliciting magazine sales in her neighborhood. Police contacted the person who was going around making the sales. Turns out, he was wanted on other charges and was arrested.

Gun-toting guest…
8:54 pm
An 18/m says someone came into a restaurant in the 6100 block of E. 21st and acted suspiciously. He says he asked the customer if he wanted a table or take-out. At that point, the guy stuck his hand down the front of his pants and exposed the butt of a handgun. He asked for a type of food that the business does not serve, so he left in a white 2003 Mitsubishi Galant (License #457-EZR). He didn’t pull the handgun out or point it at anyone.