The group behind Wichita's pot petition wants a recount. Supporters took that request to Sedgwick County Commissioners Wednesday.

That group brought up missing petition sheets and concerns about disqualified signatures, hoping it would convince the commission to call for a recount.

Instead, supporters were told to take their request to Secretary of State Kris Kobach because he's in charge of the process, not the county.

"We are going to continue to make our case, and I hope that Kris Kobach sees what has happened in this situation and makes the necessary corrections," said Esau Freeman, who started the pot petition. "I think the people of Wichita deserve that."

Freeman believes the petition to decriminalize marijuana in Wichita has enough signatures to put the issue on the November ballot. He just has to convince Kobach to validate signatures that were already disqualified.

"Sometimes the chips are stacked against you, but you still have to prove what is right and that is what we intend to do," Freeman said.

"The law doesn't provide for a quick appeal to the Secretary of States office, as someone might imagine," Kobach said Wednesday.

Kobach says the group can challenge individual signatures, but they would have to find enough to get them over the requirement.

"Given the amount of care and time the Sedgwick county election office spent going through these signatures with a fine tooth comb, I doubt they are going to find that," Kobach added. "But certainly they have the right to examine the work of the office."

Kobach did confirm the petition is now short 36 signatures, not 47 because a sheet that had been missing was found and now counted.

Time is against the pot petition group, it has to find enough signatures before the end of the month if they want to put the issue on the November ballot.