The City of Wichita wants your input as they look to renovate L.W. Clapp Golf Course in southeast Wichita.

Wichitans can provide feedback on the Activate Wichita website (Link below) through August 10.

Activate Wichita Website

The city will compile that feedback and present it to Wichita Golf Courses staff and the Board of Park Commissioners.

Last week, officials held a community engagement meeting where the Board of Park Commissioners President, Bryan Frye, presented ideas to revitalize and sustain the course, a history of rounds played on the course, and funding options.

The city proposed closing the course back in 2011, but residents spoke out against the idea, and the course stayed open.

In May, a presentation was made to the District III Advisory Board and, in June, to the neighborhood association. Proposed renovations will provide an additional revenue stream, along with a more player-friendly golf course.