Shelly Hoffman has been teaching for more than two decades, and she's spent the better part of that at Franklin Elementary. Hoffman's students and staff have always known she's special and this year the judges at the National P.E. teacher of year awards agreed.

"I didn't think I heard right when they called my name. I didn't have a speech prepared because my competition was so impressive. It was a huge honor," Hoffman said.

Hoffman won the National P.E. teacher of they year at the national ceremony in St. Louis. Hoffman's lessons aren't just fun and games. She takes her role as P.E. teacher seriously. Most of her kids come from low income families and her goal is to teach her students how to live healthy lives. Her lessons include, diet, exercise, hygiene and "stranger danger" safety.

"We talk about it all. These kids listen and they're taking in these lessons for life," Hoffman said.

Hoffman says she wouldn't trade her job for the world. While the national recognition is nice, Hoffman says her first goal is to keep her students happy and healthy.