A teenager is asked to change her shirt at Towne West Mall...now the mall is changing its policy.

Bobbie Haydon says her 13-year-old daughter wore a shirt that says "RUNNING SUCKS" to the mall on Saturday. A security guard stopped her and asked her to either turn the shirt inside-out...or change it completely.

Haydon says she bought the shirt for her daughter, who is an avid runner. She says she never thought it would cause controversy.

"I hear a lot worse than that walking around in the mall than I actually saw on the shirt," Haydon told us.

Haydon says she asked to speak with a supervisor when the guard told her to cover up. The supervisor came and explained said the shirt has "profanity" on it.

"He said that Towne West or Simon Properties is trying to promote a family atmosphere," Haydon says, "and you have stores in there that do not promote a family atmosphere, I think that what my daughter had on is perfectly fine."

Haydon filed a complaint at customer service because she does not want other teens to get picked on for a shirt she says is benign.

We contacted Towne West Mall and emailed their director of marketing. We were told the security guard did apologize to Bobbie and her daughter. The mall says they're changing the policy on profanity and that word is no longer on its list.