The director of the Robert J. Dole Veterans Affairs Medical Center has confirmed the hospital did have a "secret wait list" that put veterans at risk.

Director Francisco Vazquez released the findings from an internal inquiry by the VA Heartland Network to Sen. Pat Roberts and Sen. Jerry Moran on Friday.

The Network oversees nine VA hospitals in the Midwest.

Dole VA letter to Roberts' office

Results from the inquiry revealed extensive wait times for veterans receiving primary care at their local VA and unauthorized waiting lists. 

The Network found the Bob Dole VA was one seven medical centers and one healthcare center where veterans had to wait more than 90 days to see their primary physician. Of the total 96 veterans, 9 were from Wichita.

A spokeswoman for Sen. Roberts Office, Sarah Little, says after the high wait times were discovered, the nine veterans were contacted immediately and received the medical attention they needed.

Inquiries by the Network Office also turned up a total of 10 unauthorized lists kept by the midwest VA hospitals. Eight of the lists were determined to be complimentary lists to the authorized waiting lists. Two list were determined to have placed veterans at risk - the Bob Dole VA was one of the two.

Little says the list had to do with veterans who had been discharged from the hospital and were supposed to receive ongoing primary care while recovering at home.

Little says Roberts' office is looking into the time in which the information was given to Roberts and Moran's offices. Roberts toured the Bob Dole VA on Friday, May 30. At that time, Little says he was told by VA staff that operations were normal in the hospital. Five hours later the inquiry and its findings were released to his office.