FORT SILL, Okla. -

Dozens of Wichitans traveled to Fort Sill in Oklahoma on Friday to check on some of the immigrant children housed there.

They got up early and left Wichita with a plan.

Nearly five hours later, they pulled up to the entrance of Fort Sill in Oklahoma. They carried signs and shared stories like Sulma Arias, who was a child refugee from El Salvador.

"It's heartbreaking. It's horrible. I just pray that these people get the same opportunity that I did."

Sister Dorothy Leblanc, an activist already visited the immigrant children being held at the detention centers in El Paso. She says they live like they are in the army, not in their homes.

"I really fell in love with them," said Leblanc. "And I want to do everything I can to get for them the precious treatment that they deserve as children."

Unable to get permission to go in and see the children Friday, the group left after the vigil for a a meeting to find out other ways they can help.

"They're needing volunteers. So some of the people that have signed up are also volunteers," said Arias. "They have to go through clearance to go inside the facility and work with the children."

The group plans to return with a smaller delegation to visit the children, once they've received clearance from security.