The United States is now sending advisers to Nigeria to help find more than 200 kidnapped school girls, taken last month by a terrorist group. The search is hitting close to home to dozens of Wichita families who are from Nigeria and still have family there.

"Last Monday, they kidnapped another 8 girls in a village," said Larry Aginar with the Nigerian Association of Wichita.

Aginar worries about every headline coming out of Nigeria. His brother's family lives near the area where the school girls were taken.

"We believe that outside help is probably going to make the difference at this point," Aginar said. "We are happy to hear that the U.S. government has given Nigeria support.

But according to the State Department, it's not clear when a U.S. team will deploy to the region. Some fear it may be too late to find the more than 200 school girls kidnapped at gunpoint April 15th.

"It's now been three weeks and there's been no sign of where they are or any further communication. So it's not looking very optimistic," said Adotei Akwei with Amnesty International.

An Islamic Extremist group named Boko Haram has taken responsibility for the attack and has vowed to sell the girls as wives.

"That's all we hope for, we just want to bring these girls home to their families," Aginar said.

Aginar is a member of the Nigerian Association of Wichita formed more than 20 years ago, to give support to Nigerian families who move here.

"Right now we don't even know what we can do, other than just trying to reach out to our families back home and share information with members as to what is going on," Aginar said.

Sharing information on social media is also bringing international attention to this kidnapping, especially under the hash tag #BringBackOurGirls. It has been used more than 800,000 times on Twitter so far.

The idea being if more people are talking about this tragedy, it will send more help to Nigeria to find those girls.

Nigerian police are offering a $300,000 reward for any information that leads to the girls location.