What a difference one year can make.

Last June, Wichitans were faced with the potential of severe water restrictions, hefty fines, and their main water supply drying up.    

Tammera Snyder, co-owner of Snyder Marina at Cheney Lake, said lake levels in 2013 were the worst she's ever seen.

This year, Cheney is up to normal level, plus a couple inches with more rain in the forecast.

"We would have been looking at severe water restrictions to increase the length of supply for customers," said Alan King, public works and utilities director for the city of Wichita. "

But King said an alternative water supply is still needed, especially long term. King said the water plan takes the city to the year 2060.

"There will be a drought in our future," he said. "Adding a water supply makes sense. I think we'll be in good shape till 2060."

Because of the extra water this year, King says the city is drawing a larger percentage of water from Cheney and re-charging the Equus Beds.