Strong winds kicked up a lot of dust into the air across most of Kansas Sunday. You could even see the blowing dirt on satellite pictures.

Gusts were stronger in Western Kansas, where drivers were told to be alert of poor visibility.

Kansas Wheat Farmer Scott Van Allan wishes there was less dirt in the air, and more moisture.

"We were in pretty good shape until the last two or three weeks and we have missed every rain that has came through," Van Allan said.

When we met up with Van Allan a year ago April, a good supply of rain had his crop doing well.

This year, he'll need a few more storms to make this most out of this wheat.

"The last several showers we had just barely got the cement wet, wasn't even measurable in my rain gauge," Van Allan said. "A half an inch, three quarters of an inch would be terrific. You can't grow anything, we have to have some rainfall."