A family is reunited with their missing dog after several days of searching. Amanda Lamb and her family were reunited with "Rippen" Monday evening.

Lamb was shopping last week when her wiener dog went missing from her car. Video surveillance from a nearby store showed a couple holding the dog, looking for the owner.

Lamb posted to her Facebook page Monday announcing the dog had been returned to her by the couple.


Amanda Lamb says a member of her family is missing. Lamb has spend the last several days searching Wichita for her family's dog "Rippen."

"He's not just a dog, he's part of our family. My kids call him their brother," Lamb said.

Lamb says she was shopping last week and left her wiener dog in the car. Lamb says she locked the doors and cracked the windows. When she looked outside ten minutes later the car door was open and her dog was gone.

Lamb began searching for her dog when the owner of the shop next door came out to see what was going on. The shop owner says a couple had come into her store "Closet Junkie" moments before the dog went missing. She says there were carrying a small dachshund and said they'd found him. The couple told the store owner they were going to go home and try and find the dog's owner online. After the store owner talked to Lamb she shared surveillance photos of the couple to help Lamb with her search.

Lamb says she's searched the web but hasn't found any sign of her dog. She's spent more than $200 searching the city and passing out fliers. Lamb says her family is distraught and they won't be whole again until their dog comes back home.

To see how you can help or if you know anything about "Rippen" you can get in touch with the Lamb's through their facebook page.