They're malnourished and dehydrated, but they could still be the luckiest puppies in Wichita.

"They were just so pitiful," exclaimed Donna Pinair, one of the women who found the puppies and director of the Bread of Life food pantry where they were found.

Police say the two dogs were abandoned in a dumpster in the 1300 block of S. Galena.  They could have been there as early as last Tuesday.

A Bread of Life volunteer found the puppies Thursday morning.  And, not a moment too soon.  The trash was picked up Friday morning. 

"It was shivering. The bigger one was shivering," said Phillis Allen, another of the puppies' rescuers and a volunteer at Bread of Life. "The little one was so curled up down at the bottom I thought it appeared to be dead at first. But it did move. That's how I saw it's little face."

One of the puppies is still in a veterinarian's care.  The other has been released to the Wichita Animal Shelter. 

"How cruel! You know? Why would you do that to a helpless animal?" asked Pinair. "There's no reason for it. If you don't want the dog call the Humane Society."