Women from 88 Kansas communities gather in Wichita Friday, and through the weekend for the first ever "Women For Kansas" convention.

The focus of the rally is to get more women to cast their ballots in the November election. Those who attend will hear from candidates and talk about issues that they say have been hurt under the current Kansas administration, such as schools and healthcare.

Organizers say 500 women are registered for the event. They call themselves a bi-partisan grassroots group. Organizers say that the group is split evenly between Republicans and Democrats, but the members are targeting Governor Sam Brownback and Secretary of State Kris Kobach.

"The very main thing we're trying to accomplish is to have these women go back to their communities, get out the vote," Women For Kansas founder Lynn Stephan said. "We have a big session on how to get out the vote. They'll all learn what to do when they go home, and if we can multiply these 500 ten fold, we will really make an impact."

Stephan says she doesn't know of another women's convention like this in Kansas with political roots.

"There's never been another event like this, except maybe in 1912 when the suffragettes got the vote," Stephan said.