As crowds continue to pour into Riverfest in Wichita this weekend, many are enjoying a grilling experience unlike any other.

This year, the World's Largest Grill is parking it on the WaterWalk in Wichita for a few days of Riverfest. When all four of the grills are fired up, the Johnsonville "Big Tasty Grill" can cook 750 brats at the same time and roll out about 2,500 each hour.

"It's the World's Largest Grill, touring grill," said Grillmaster, Tucker May. "It's 65 feet long, it weighs 53,000 pounds. To be honest, I've never even seen another grill that would give this a run for its money."

According to May, Johnsonville has put plenty of research behind it's claim to own the World's Largest Grill - a jaw-dropping claim to fame that Riverfest-goers this year seem to be enjoying.

"People are always pretty happy to see us pull up," said May. "When you pull up with something as eye-catching as the Big Tasty Grill, lots of times you'll be met with smiles."

"It's really good," said Nikki Post, after she took her first bite of one of the brats. "I had a little bit that my son wouldn't try and it was nice and smokey, and I love the mustard on it."

The Big Tasty Grill is accepting cash this weekend. But, you better get your brats while you can - the World's Largest Grill will only be at Riverfest through Sunday night.