As a Master Gardener, Lisa Folds' duties can require her to use a delicate touch, or they might need some serious muscle. 

Lisa saw the Worx Aerocart commercial and thought it could make her yard work easier. The commercial says it's "the eight-in-one tool that makes every load as light as air."

"I really just wanted to buy it and then I thought about you. So, I called and said why don't you test it and then will think about whether or not it's worth buying," Lisa said.

We bought one online for almost $185s. That does include shipping.

Lisa's first heavy lifting task involved moving a large planter. We tried using the accessories that come with the Worx Aerocart. But, Lisa couldn't get them to fit her planter.   

"It's not big enough," Lisa said.

Off to the backyard, where Lisa found another smaller planter.  But, Lisa got lost without detailed instructions.

"Maybe, if we had instructions, we'd know what to do," Lisa said.

Lisa rolled on, testing another Worx Aerocart claim. She loaded-up three heavy bags of rocks. Then, she took the Worx Aerocart for a spin around the yard.

"Now this is nice. I could have used this to bring all these bricks back here," Lisa said.

She says it really does lighten the load.

"I like that it's metal. I like that there's a forklift kind of thing. It feels good. But I need instructions," Lisa said.

Does it work?

"Yes and no. I'm sorry it's yes and no. It would work if we had instructions," she said.

We did reach out to the company for a response. But haven't heard back.
The instructions that come with the Worx Aerocart are mostly pictures. We found more online, with a lot more pictures. Lisa took a look at them too, and said they would have helped her a little. But, she still wouldn't buy the product.