St. Louis, MO -

Students and staff at Wichita State are no doubt celebrating the number one seed's success, and that celebration goes all the way to the top.

WSU President John iBardo went to St. Louis to cheer on the Shocks.

Bardo said he has to watch his game day decorum.

"My wife teased me because in my younger days I'd yell a lot," Bardo said. "So you will see me sitting in the stands like this-- pressing my arms so tightly across my chest, it's about the only way I can stop from screaming."

Bardo said he's impressed by the Shocker moves on the court. But it's how coach Marshall and his players carry themselves off the court that helps define Wichita State University.

Bardo said watching fans rally behind the Shockers' undefeated season has inspired him.

"Well, I'll tell you one of the things it does, it really reminds you of the responsibility you have," Bardo said. "You always know when you come to work you have a responsibility to 16,000 students but there are a lot more people for whom you have responsibility."

Bardo said he has the Shockers taking it all in his bracket.

Bardo has been president at Wichita State University since July 1, 2012. He is the 13th president of the University.