Wichita State University announces new "Innovation Campus."

WSU President John Bardo says he hopes the changes will benefit not only the students and university, but the entire Wichita community.

We've seen hints of the changes over the past few months as Bardo has talked about his plans for a new "Innovation Campus."

Among other things, this campus would allow businesses to set up right on school grounds. That would give students better access to internships and research opportunities with those companies.

Bardo talked with us Thursday afternoon about the plans.

"And it's making sure that we address the core needs of the community," Bardo said, "so that 20 years from now, as this is really all built out and is functioning fully, that people look at it and say, 'WOW, this really changed our ability to compete, it changed the possibility of my child being able to stay here in Wichita and have a really good job and raise a family here.'"

The new buildings would not be paid for using tuition hikes or university fees.