Less than two weeks from March, the Wichita State Shockers are the only undefeated team left standing. But they say it's not lonely at the top.

Ron Baker, Fred Van Vleet, Tekele Cotton, and Cleanthony Early make up four of Wichita State's five starting spots.  The fifth spot is shared between three young men: Darius Carter, Kadeem Coleby and Chadrack Lufile. 

"We're brothers. We work together and we get it done," Coleby said.

Each of the three players has started throughout the season - and when they get tired, they know their teammates are there to back them up.

"I feel sorry for the other teams. When I have to guard Darius or Kadeem at practice, it's tough. So they go out there and wear them down, then it makes it easier for me," Lufile said.

When Sport Illustrated reached out to Wichita State about giving them the cover, featuring the Shockers' starting five, Coach Marshall had to get creative.

"Coach came to us after practice and told us about Sports Illustrated. He said he had three strings in his hand and whoever pulled the shortest would be on the cover," Lufile said.

Lufile pulled the short string and made it to the cover, but he knows his teammates could have been in his place.

"I don't look at them or myself any differently. We are all here to win games and that's what we do," Lufile said.

Lufile, Coleby and Carter all say they learn from one another and push each other to be better each time they take the court. They don't mind sharing minutes or the spotlight because it all helps get the next win.

"I mean, we're undefeated. What can we have a problem about? If that's how it's going to be to win games, then that's how it's going to be," said Carter.