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Kansas urges judge not to rule on gay marriage

KANSAS CITY, Kan. (AP) — The Kansas attorney general's office has argued that a federal court should not weigh in on the state's gay marriage ban until the Kansas Supreme Court has reviewed it.


Plane crash victim's husband, daughter talk

The family of Nataliya Menestrina is speaking out to tell Wichita more about her life.

Plane took off from runway one-right, veered left before crash

Authorities are investigating to find out if an engine fail contributed to the plane crash at Mid-Continent airport Thursday.

Deadly plane crash

Structural engineers work to secure the FlightSafety building

Safety is the main factor on the minds of structural engineers as they assess buildings like FlightSafety.

Flight instructor talks about training with "simulators"

They may look like video games, but for aviation students and pilots these machines are real life.

Conner Frankamp leaving Kansas

Shooting guard Conner Frankamp will not begin his sophomore season with the Kansas men’s basketball team. Friday morning, head coach Bill Self announced Frankamp’s decision to leave the University of Kansas.

All but one victim identified from deadly plane crash

We now know the names of three of the four victims who died in Thursday's plane crash at Wichita's Mid-Continent Airport.

FF12: Records vital to plane crash investigation

As the NTSB looks for what caused a plane to crash into the FlightSafety building at Mid-Continent Airport Thursday, investigators will be looking at the plane's maintenance history.

airport reaction image

How Mid-Continent Airport is handling the deadly plane crash

News agencies from across the country, and even across the world have been reporting on the deadly plane crash at Mid-Continent Airport. Those calls come in to Valerie Wise, who handles media relations for Mid-Continent Airport.

Freeze graphic

Frightenly cold night

Expect a hard freeze tonight as lows drop to the lower and middle 20s across eastern Kansas.

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  • Frightenly cold night

    Freeze graphic

    Expect a hard freeze tonight as lows drop to the lower and middle 20s across eastern Kansas.


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