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7 hurt in school bus accident

Emergency crews now say seven children were hurt in a morning school bus accident near Goddard.

The bus was transporting students from Goddard's Amelia Earhart Elementary School.

Royals gear in high demand after big win

As you can imagine, Royals gear is in high demand. Tad's Locker Room says post-season Royals shirts and other merchandise will be in stock today.

Royals win for the fans

This win is for those with the Royals tattoos, the royal blue Santa Claus in attendance, the guy dressed as Superman and the countless trucker hats from 1985.

Royals fans go to watch party for atmosphere

Royals fans came out to Emerson Biggins in Old Town to watch their team in the playoffs for the first time in 29 years.

7-day forecast

Storm threat then much cooler

Meteorologist Mark Larson says Wednesday will be a heads-up weather day for most of our state due a severe storm threat.

City makes speed limit changes after FF12 investigation

The city ordinance states 37th street has to be marked at 40 miles per hour.
Because it was a mistake on the city's part, it will now dismiss all citations and refund money.

woman using computer mouse

carl dwyer/SXC

FHSU data breach compromises student information

The problem was discovered last week after an employee inadvertently made the data available online.

Former Salina worker found guilty of poisoning his wife

A former Salina building official is found guilty for first-degree murder for financial gain.

Thieves target SE Wichita church

Christ Community United Methodist Church on south Webb said the burglars got away with two air conditioning units, and a third was tampered with.

Lawsuit holds up election preps across Kansas

At least one race in Kansas is still not set. The Shawnee County District Court has to decide first whether the Kansas Democratic Party has to name a candidate to replace Chad Taylor in the U.S. Senate race against Pat Roberts.

hutchinson public school

Hutchinson School District suing Missouri group

HUTCHINSON, Kan. (AP) — The Hutchinson School District is suing a Missouri-based group in a dispute over proceeds from a student fundraising effort.

KWCH Weather

  • Storm threat then much cooler

    7-day forecast

    Meteorologist Mark Larson says Wednesday will be a heads-up weather day for most of our state due a severe storm threat.


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