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Father and son each hit hole-in one on Hutchinson course

It was a father-son golf outing with mom behind the camera.

Crickets become nuisance as end of summer gets closer

The chirping sound may drive you crazy, especially this time of year. 

Don't Fall For It

Scammers use online ads

The next time you're in a hurry to search online for Visa or Master Card's phone number, take a moment to make sure you're not falling into a trap.  The Better Business Bureau wants you to be aware of a scam. 

tuesday forecast

Hot start to September

Much of the state will see summerlike weather for the start of September.

Town of Frederick could dissolve without city leaders

When you think of main street you probably don't envision anything like main street in Frederick. There are no busy restaurants or businesses, but for the town of about 10 people, they call these streets home.

Terry Loewen

Terry Loewen sentencing

The man who pleaded guilty to plotting an attack at Wichita's airport was sentenced to 20 years in federal prison Monday afternoon.

WPD chief finalists

2 WPD Chief Candidates talk about wanting top job

One spent 32 years working for Wichita's Police Department, the other worked the streets of Philadelphia before taking over a top cop spot. Now both Terri Moses and Joel Fitzgerald want to be your next Chief.

Girls at Wichita Trinity cover mirrors with inspirational messages

A group of senior girls at Trinity Academy in Wichita are spreading positive messages about body image at their school, simply by getting rid of reflections.

Teen critically hurt after being run over in Rice County

A Kansas teen is in critical condition after he was run over in Rice County Sunday evening. 

Closeup of dollar bill, money, George Washington

Trish Parisy/SXC

New app allows you to keep track of how property taxes are spent

Sedgwick County has a new app to help you follow where your property tax dollars are spent right from your computer or smart phone.

Blue Bell Creameries

Blue Bell resumes selling ice cream after listeria recall

BRENHAM, Texas (AP) - Blue Bell is back.

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