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DIW: Kinkajou Bottle Cutter

Linda Haskins enjoys everything that makes up a bottle of wine: the wine AND the bottle. 

Commissioners weigh in on first public hearing on the budget

In Wednesday morning's public hearing regarding the proposed Sedgwick County budget, those opposed to it seemed to have a major majority.

Wichita State student asks for tuition donations for birthday

A Wichita State student isn't looking to celebrate her birthday by going out or having a party. She just wants to be able to afford school.

Shot fired on Animal Control call in Reno County

An 80-year-old woman was arrested after she fired a shot during an Animal Control call Wednesday afternoon in the 4500 block of Avenue G in Reno County.

Man targeted by blowgun dart

No firearm was used, but a man says someone shot at him while he walked near Pawnee and Broadway Tuesday afternoon.

Thursday's forecast

More storms; warm

Look for showers and storms this evening and overnight across mainly southern Kansas.

county budget image

Large turnout for first public hearing on Sedgwick County budget proposal

Sedgwick County residents and businesses are sharing their feedback on the proposed budget that county leaders unveiled last week. 

Kansans start "Love Locks" on Reno County bridge

A sign of devotion to your soulmate has traveled from Europe to Kansas. But it's not getting a warm reception from the City of Hutchinson.

puppy found in car image

Puppy found left in trunk in Wichita

A Wichita woman is given a citation after leaving a puppy in the trunk of her car Tuesday morning.

Sierra Niehaus

Judge keeps statements Saline Co. teen said during interview

Sierra Niehaus is accused of killing her 13-year-old sister this time last year. 

sam brownback

Governor's office moves up announcement on additional budget cuts

The office of Gov. Sam Brownback is moving up its planned announcement of $50 million in additional cuts to the state's budget. In an announcement from the governor's office, the announcement will come Thursday (July 30) instead of Friday.

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KWCH Weather

  • More storms; warm

    Thursday's forecast

    Look for showers and storms this evening and overnight across mainly southern Kansas.


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