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KS Supreme Court stays education funding order

Kansas gets more time in the case over how the state funds your child’s schools. 

Restaurant customers stop would-be robber

Quick actions by customers prevented a robbery suspect from getting away with money.

Firework house fire costs often fall on homeowner's insurance

If your home catches fire from fireworks this holiday, experts say it'll probably be your insurance company paying out. That's the case even if you were not the one using the fireworks.

City of Augusta is going "Back to the Future"

The City of Augusta is changing its name to "Hill Valley" Friday to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the movie "Back to the Future". That is the fictional town that serves as the setting of the film trilogy.

Kansas collects $22M less in taxes than expected this month

Kansas has collected about $22 million less in revenues than anticipated this month.  This is the fourth month in a row where the numbers were lower than expected.           

Hutchinson homeless shelter forced to close after funding cut

Families are left out on the street, after an emergency overnight shelter in Hutchinson closes its doors. Akeam Ashford reports.

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Heat continues with late week cool down

More scorching heat tomorrow, cool down starts Thursday

Man exposed to rabies after encounter with sick fox

Animal Control officers are warning you to say way from wild animals. It comes after a man was exposed to rabies in Sumner County when he tried to help an injured fox.

Derby Rec Commission to increase pay for part-time employees

Just about everywhere you look, there are conversations about increasing the minimum wage. Many are waiting for the government to change the law and force companies to pay more.

Marriage licenses available to same-sex couples in all KS counties

Same-sex couples can get marriage licenses in all 105 Kansas counties.  

KBI investigates Pratt CO inmate found hanging in cell

The KBI is investigating an inmate hanging in a cell this afternoon in Pratt County.

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