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Community shows support for Assaria man who was shocked

"Nothing Short of a miracle", that's what friends and family are calling Zach Short after surviving a farming accident in October. 

Saline Co. runs out of funds to aggregate roads

Saline County has 725 miles of gravel road, but after recent rains, some drivers say they see more mud than they do gravel or sand. Jim Reynolds says he drives these roads everyday.

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Kansas newspaper in open records fight with state

SALINA, Kan. (AP) — A Kansas publisher says the state can avoid spending a lot of money on litigation by simply following its own open records law and releasing the names of candidates for two newly created seats on the Saline County Commission.

Arson destroys Salina hotel

The fire that happened at a Salina hotel on October 15 this year is still under investigation. But officers say they are having some trouble getting on the property to do inspections.

Rare gold coin found in bell ringers bucket

Bell ringers for the Salvation Army in Salina say they found a gold coin inside one of their buckets worth over a thousand dollars, but they say the generosity means more than what it's worth.

Student accosts teachers at Barton County School

A man is in custody after assaulting a faculty member at Barton Community College. Authorities say 26 year-old Jacob Flax was angry about a grade on a test and started throwing chairs and became aggressive. Several students on campus say they didn't get a text, alert or even an email about the incident. 

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Teenager sentenced in stepbrother's death

SALINA, Kan. (AP) — A rural Kansas teenager was sentenced to just over 10 years in prison in the shooting death of his younger stepbrother.

Saline County to see two new commissioners by the end of the year

By the end of the year, Saline County will have two more people making decisions on issues facing the county. Some residents says they wanted more commissioners because the three already on the board were not making good decisions.

2015 KS Mission of Mercy to be held in Salina

New details now on the "Kansas Mission of Mercy."

Dickinson Co. Sheriff's Deputy convicted of child sex crimes

A former Dickinson County sheriff's deputy was found guilty of child sex crimes on Friday.

Hutchinson Zoo monkeys die after getting disease from mice

Cotton-topped Tamarin monkeys can be found at zoos around Kansas, and you used to be able to see 3 of them at the zoo in Hutchinson. Zoo Director John Wright says workers noticed something wasn't right with the monkeys last month.

Kansas wardens crack down on violations to open deer season

Kansas warden Greg Salisbury says the start of deer hunting season is always busy. He's looking for hunters violating the law.


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