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Flight instructor talks about training with "simulators"

They may look like video games, but for aviation students and pilots these machines are real life.

abilene fire department

Abilene could see sales tax to build a new fire and police department

Wichita won't be the only place voting for a sales tax in November. Abilene residents will also be voting on whether they want to build a new police and fire department.

Salina city commissioners approve a $9 million fieldhouse

Geoff Andrews coaches girls basketball at Salina Central High School. He said Salina's athletes are having a rough time finding places to practice and play.

"Finding a place for all of our youth teams and our kids in town to have a gym to practice is hard to find," Andrews said.

Assaria man in critical condition after being shocked

A man is in critical condition after he was shocked while trying to help someone who came in contact with with an electrical line.

51 animals taken from Salina boarding facility

SALINA, Kan. (AP) — Salina officials removed 51 animals from a boarding business that authorities believe was operating without proper permits.


Salina man pistol whipped

Police in Salina are looking for a man wanted for aggravated battery early Tuesday afternoon.

Salina man sentenced in deadly hit and run crash

A Salina man has been sentenced to two months in prison in connection to a hit and run accident that killed a bicyclist.

Father of Salina arson suspect speaks out about son's past

As a Salina man prepares to face arson charges in court, his father is speaking out about his son's past.

McPherson starts coalition to help growing number of hoarders

Jana McKinney is a part of the hoarders coalition. It's a newly-formed group of volunteers that helps hoarders with their problem by offering counseling.

Salina PD mourns loss of K-9

A Salina police dog has died following a short illness.

Ellsworth Co. community pushes for a change at dangerous intersection

Ellsworth County officials say despite extra signs and extra flashing lights on Highway K-156 and K-14, the intersection is the most dangerous in the county.


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