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Saline Co commissioner talks about jail issues

In November, people voted down a new multi-million dollar justice complex to help with over crowding and safety issues. Sheriff Glen Kochanowski says these things are still problems.

Rolling Hills Zoo sees higher attendance because of weather

Rolling Hills Zoo officials say seeing a warm day in January is rare, but when they do, they see almost double the amount of visitors. Zoo goers like Emily Bunk and her mom, Tracy, typically wouldn't be able to come see one of their favorite exhibits this time of year, the giraffes.

Semi catches fire at Salina gas station

The driver of this semi walked away just minutes before his truck caught fire. Officials say they received a call from the Petro 2 gas station around 3:15 am. When fire crews arrived the front of the truck was fully engulfed in flames. Authorities tell us the truck is owned by Sunset Express and was carrying a load of sugar when it caught fire.

McPherson low on police officers

The McPherson Police Department says fewer officers on the road means fewer tickets. Robert McClarty is the departments police chief and says they are understaffed.

Saline Co. commissioners could see change in salary

From 3 to 5, Saline County now has two more commissioners making decisions impacting the community. The decision to add two commissioners was put to a vote in November because some residents felt there needed to be a change.

McPherson High School changes graduation requirements

McPherson High School says its goal is to not only get students jobs, but also high paying jobs. Bret Mcclendon is the high school's principal and says the district is now requiring students to take The National Career Readiness Certificate Test before they graduate.

Experts: Kansas falls behind in wheat production because of drought

When many of us think of wheat, we think of our home state, Kansas. It's known for being the countries biggest wheat producer. Tom Maxwell is an agriculture expert and says in 2014, Kansas didn't take the lead.

Salina vape shop denied permit to expand

Customers smoke their e-cigs inside Juicy's Vape Shop in Salina, the owner, Zac Kirby, says his product is so popular he needs to expand. When he asked the city planning commission for another building permit, he was turned down.

New Saline Co. commission board reinstates department heads

Some in Salina hope three new commissioners will bring three new perspectives to issues facing the county. The new commissioners were sworn into office and their first order of business was to give four county employees their jobs back. Monte Shadwick is one of the new commissioners.

Salina shooting

Man gets over 80 years in prison in Salina shooting

SALINA, Kan. (AP) — A man has been sentenced to more than 80 years in prison after pleading guilty to shooting at three Salina police officers in May.

Salina man gets 10-plus years in prison for selling meth

SALINA, Kan. (AP) — A federal prosecutor says a central Kansas man will serve more than 10 years in federal prison for trafficking methamphetamine.

Two killed in Saline County crash

The Kansas Highway Patrol says two people were killed Monday morning in an accident in Saline County.


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