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Sierra Niehaus

Judge keeps statements Saline Co. teen said during interview

Sierra Niehaus is accused of killing her 13-year-old sister this time last year. 

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Sierra Niehaus appears in court, attorney asks judge to suppress statements

This time last year, law enforcement was called to the Niehaus home, they found Sierra's younger sister, Galazia, stabbed several times. Police interviewed and then arrested Sierra.

Brownback announces $50 million in cuts to state government, won't impact K-12 schools

Bev Mortimer, superintendent for the Concordia school district, is checking,and double checking this year's budget.

Animals found abandoned, some dead at Salina hotel

Animals are found abandoned, some dead at a Salina hotel.

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Salina woman starts campaign to help those who are grieving

A campaign started right here in Kansas is gaining international attention. It's meant to change the way society deals with the loss of a loved one through social media.

Indoor Football Returning to Salina

Indoor football is headed back to Salina.

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Salina man victim of ATM skimmer

Larry Bruzda says he was the first of many people possibly scammed by skimmers.

Suspects involved in Allie Saum shooting appeared in court

All four suspects involved in the shooting of 17 year-old Allie Saum sat in front of a judge Thursday morning only to hear they would be waiting two more months before they would be back.

Gehry refines design for Eisenhower Memorial in DC

Capital panel gives final approval to Eisenhower Memorial

WASHINGTON (AP) — A long-delayed effort to build a memorial honoring President Dwight D. Eisenhower is gaining design approvals to potentially move forward.

Semi catches fire at I-70 rest stop

A semi catches fire near Solomon on Tuesday morning, pictures captured on cell phones help tell the story. John Davis works at the rest stop and says he looked up to see smoke coming from the parked semi and called 911.


Man arrested after escaping arrest in Ottawa County

UPDATE: Kansas Highway Patrol Trooper Ben Gardner confirmed via Twitter that the man has been taken into custody, about two hours after he walked away from the Ottawa County Jail. 

Great Bend Family Crisis Center loses grant money

The Great Bend Family Crisis Center lost its grant money to help pay for their domestic violence shelter. The issue stems from the county's audit in 2013 when the treasurer's offices discovered it had failed to give back almost $2 million in tax money, since then the money has been given back, but problems are still coming up. 


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