Raw eggs seized from airline passenger

Woman claimed 103 eggs were meant as heart medicine

By Phil Benson
POSTED: 08:24 AM CST Jan 28, 2014    UPDATED: 09:58 AM CST Jan 29, 2014 
Eggs seized from airline passenger
Phoenix, AZ (KPHO) -

A passenger aboard an international flight was questioned and released at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix after authorities found a box of raw bird eggs in her suitcase Wednesday.

Customs and Border Protection agriculture specialists assigned to the Tucson Field Office referred the woman on a flight from Kenya via London for an intensive agriculture inspection upon arrival.

The box contained 103 small eggs, according to an agriculture specialist who located it.

When asked, the owner claimed they were to be used as medicine for her heart.

The prohibited eggs were seized under a regulation that restricts their importation. 

The woman was not fined but told not to carry the item on a future flight. 

The eggs were destroyed.